Other Players

There are other professionals who may be needed as part of your team, usually performing specific roles and not getting directly involved in the transaction.

They may include:

A Surveyor, to determine the location of the improvements in relation to the lot lines and to establish the location of easements, building or setback lines, and improvements on adjacent properties. The contract will govern who is responsible for providing and paying for the survey

An Appraiser, employed at your expense by your lender to determine that the value of the home corresponds with the purchase price. If you are buying without the services of a real estate agent, you may wish to employ an appraiser to give you an idea of the value of the home before you make an offer to the seller

A Tax Advisor or estate planner can work with your real estate attorney to assist you in determining how best to hold title or to maximize tax deductions for personal financial or estate planning purposes

The Escrow Agent or closer, usually an employee of the title company, who acts as your lender's agent to ensure that the lender's requirement are met before the loan proceeds are disbursed. 


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