buyer Agency Explained

Exclusive Buyer's Agents never take listings and never represent sellers! They always represent buyers only and never practice dual agency. All other so-called "Buyer's Agents" have listings to sell you! As a homebuyer, you have a choice!

Ordinary listing and selling agents represent the seller. This means they must legally negotiate in favor of the seller and put the seller's interests first. Their objective is to SELL YOU a house.

Buyer's Agents, on the other hand, are advocates of theExclusive Buyer's Agents Can Save You Money buyer. Only an Exclusive Buyer's Agent can legally put the buyer's interest first and negotiate in favor of the buyer for a lower price and better terms.
However, BEWARE: Nearly all agents who say they are Buyer's Agents also take listings, and spend most of their time selling homes -- not representing buyers. They practice dual agency. They are NOT Exclusive Buyer's Agents. 

Exclusive Buyer's Agents are agents who only work for buyers. They never try to sell you a home. They will always help you buy the home of your choice. Exclusive Buyer's Agents are specifically trained for buyer agency, more experienced and able to help you get a better deal on a home than the ordinary agent who moonlights as a buyer's agent and spends most of their time "selling" homes and representing sellers. In most cases, they can save you money when buying a home.